Afrika Islam

Afrika Islam (Member of Mr. X & Mr. Y)

In the early 1990s, however, he turned away from hip-hop and began to work as a house and techno DJ and thus made Europe's attention. His specially developed crossover sound with elements of R & B, Hip Hop and Techno & House was so extravagant that he first played on the Mayday in 1995. This appearance resulted in many future performances in clubs and events in Germany. In 1996/97, an intensive collaboration with Germany's most popular DJ Westbam (who has named himself Afrika Bambaataa, where the West stands for Westphalia) was realized. The resulting project Mr. X & Mr. Y has created new standards in the electronic music sector in recent years. Africa and Westbam have created a new kind of global sound. But also Africa's DJ-Performances are looking for the same. Not infrequently, 50 to 60 plates are processed by him in two hours of performance. His way of presenting techno sound in hip-hop style has made him a fixture in many European clubs, so that he currently stays in Germany more than two-thirds of the year.
Having lost a good friend in the war that had been raging in almost every American metropolis since the 1960s, Africa Islam, like Africa Bambaataa, joined Africa Bambaataa and founded the Zulu nation with him in the mid-1970s. As one of the Hip Hop pioneers he was a member of the Rock Steady Crew. He was a DJ at all Zulu Nation parties. He was able to win the "International Annual DJ Competition" twice. He has also worked as a dancer in movies like Flashdance and Breaking 1 & 2 ?? to admire. Sometime in the mid-80s, after the great times of the Zulus and Africa Bambaataas were over, he moved to Los Angeles. There he got to know Ice-T and helped the still inexperienced rapper with the production of his first LP Rhyme Pays, which got gold first, later platinum. It should follow six more platinum releases. Until the early 1990s, Africa Islam was producer / co-producer of all releases Ice-Ts and Rhyme Syndicates (Ice-Ts extended crew). So he also produced the early Everlast (later House of Pain) and followed Donald D.'s remixes for Eurythmics, Michael Jackson, De La Soul and Wu Tang Clan. Legendary is also his radio show "Zulu Beats" on Power 106 FM / Los Angeles, which today has absolute cult status.

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